Just a simple and easy to use fun/moderation bot for anyone!

  • Prefix: .
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Moderation
About Easybot

Want to moderate your discord server with ease? Then use Easybot.

Some features of Easybot include.

  • Ban
  • Kick
  • Clear
  • slowmode

Some fun commands are:

  • 8ball
  • Kill
  • Flipcoin

Some bot commands are:

  • Getid
  • Avatar or Av
  • Membercount
  • botstats
  • Nick

More commands coming soon!

Easybot is just a very simple bot for any discord user to use, Even if you are new to discord or just need a simple bot for moderation a a few fun games, then this is the bot for you!