Scrap is a multipurpose bot to end all other bots. It can do almost everything- music, moderation, and more!

  • Prefix: s!
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Utility
About Scrap

⚠️ This bot is in development. The majority of features are done but the web dashboard is not. The web dashboard is the only currently planned feature but we may and will add more. Please report any bugs in the offical Scrap support server. ⚠️

What is Scrap?

Scrap is a multi-purpose bot that does lots of things. Warns, afk system, music, games, and more.

Our Goal

Our goal is to have a fully functioning discord server with music, reaction roles, moderation and more with only 1 bot: Scrap. We want to simplify discord servers, and get rid of all that lengthy setup time and wondering what bots to add.


Our bot features the following list of things (and more, please check out the docs for more info)

Reaction roles

Warn system

Music system

Rudimentary currency system