A reaction role and role management bot to automate giving roles to users with easy to use features.

  • Prefix: r/
  • Library: Discord.Net
  • Category: Utility
About Reactify


A role management and role reaction bot for servers to manage and automate giving roles to users with nice features.

The bot is easy to use and setup for new users unlike other reaction role bots and supports Discord slash commands to select roles.

Main Features

Reaction Roles, Color Roles, Color of the Day, Blacklist, Role Logs, Reaction Logs, Custom Boost Messages, Custom Patreon Messages

Reaction roles

Reactify has the easiest and hassle free way of setting up reaction roles, it uses Discord built-in slash commands to add/manage roles and you can import reaction roles from Zira bot and Reaction Roles bot.

Slash commands

Reaction role create

Reaction roles list

Color roles

You do not need to add color roles by command, the bot will auto detect any roles starting with [C] so that you can create any roles named [C] Red or [C] Meme

Color command

Color of the Day

A role that changes to a random color every 24 hours, you can reroll the color too!

cotd preview


Blacklist users from getting reaction roles or other roles from commands.

blacklist preview

Role info

Get information on roles and manage your reaction roles.

Role info


Setup log features for role logging or custom boost/patreon messages.

Logs list

Boost log preview