Giorno Giovanna

A customizable anime bot that uses a system of plugins that allows you to enable features such as moderation, music, etc.

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  • Category: General
About Giorno Giovanna

The bot is a customizable anime bot that has 5 plugins that you can pick and choose from, on top of the base anime commands that can search myanimelist for animes/mangas and retrieve your myanimelist stats/lists. The 5 plugins include Music, Moderation, Utility, Leveling and Join/Leave Messages. The bot also allows for customizable prefixes, which can prevent prefix overlaps with other bots. The help command also displays all the commands availble for you given your current plugins you have enabled. Calling the help command while specifying the category will also give you more information about each individual command in that category. Calling the about command lets you view information about the bot and your current plugin configuration.

Here is a shortlist of commands that are enabled by default when you invite the bot (you can see the rest by enabling a plugin and calling the help command to view the new commands):

Weeb Commands: anime, manga, animeList, mangaList, animeStats, mangaStats

Other Commands: help, about, plugins, enablePlugin, disablePlugin, links, setPrefix