An ultimate multi-purpose bot with powerful moderation commands and the best fun commands.

  • Prefix: b?
  • Library: discord.py
  • Category: Moderation
About Spike

Spike is the perfect bot for any type of Discord guild, whether it's only you, your friends, or a whole community in it! Here are some awesome commands and utilities Spike has.

Fast Meme Generation

  • Spike will keep you entertained for a while with the meme generation commands. Here are all of the memes we have: Dank, Wholesome, Mirror, Me_irl, Facepalm, History...
  • Video game memes such as: Rainbow 6, Minecraft and CSGO...
  • These memes are taken from various subreddits.

Animal Generation

  • If you wanted to see cute cats, dogs or even squirrels, you're in the right place!

Powerful Moderation Commands

  • Mute, kick, ban any member. Those commands are detailed (You should try them!)
  • No more anonymous moderation! In the Audit Logs, you are able to see who is the executor of any punishment command.
  • Nuke channels with one command (This will entirely delete and clone your channel, although it WON'T clone your messages.)
  • Purging messages
  • Chat gone too wild? Spike has a handy lock command which locks any channel.

User and Channel Info

  • Find more about a channel or a user.
  • Only bots can find those informations!

Competition Commands

  • Play a scramble game with your friends and see who can unscramble words the fastest.
  • Type racer game.
  • More soon.

Built-in Wikipedia Search

  • Don't open a browser if you want to search anything on Wikipedia anymore. Spike comes with a wikipedia command. It is also detailed, which means you can find everything about anything.

No one likes normal messages.

  • Spike uses embeds for literally anything.

Other commands and things

  • Avatar
  • PP, simprate, hack
  • Amazing help command
  • 8ball
  • Random number generator (from, to)
  • Random messages on every help request
  • Minesweeper game