A very useful calculator/math bot with many different helpful functions.

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About Calcu𝗕𝗢𝗧or

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<body> <p style="color:white;font-size:50px;text-align:center;">Calcu𝗕𝗢𝗧or</p><br> <div class="first"> <a href="; class="w">Bot Website</a><br><br><br> <p>A multi-purpose calculator/math discord bot</p> <p>This bot is more than just a four-function calculator.🖩</p> <p>It has many useful tools including graphing📈, trigonometric functions◢, and more!</p> <p>It is also intended to be very easy to use.</p><br> </div> <div class="second"> <p>The devs of this bot try to make sure everyone is happy with it.</p> <p>This includes fixing bugs as soon as possible after found and also actually using user suggestions</p> <p>We always try to help people when they have questions in our support server.</p><br><br> </div> <p style="color:white;text-align:center;">The bot has math tutorials/instructions too.</p> </body>