RaidBlock is a bot designed with server security in mind. No one should have to pay to be safe

  • Prefix: rb. (Customizable)
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Moderation
About RaidBlock+

RaidBlock+ RaidBlock+ is a Discord Bot based around server security and general utility. It features features such as advanced raid prevention, channel linking, automated webhooks, and more!

Along with that, RaidBlock+ features no paid features - Server security should not cost money :smile:

What can RaidBlock+ do? > 🌊 - Modernized lockdown commands, to prevent channel permissions from being entirely messed up in an attempt to save your server > 🔋 - 24/7 Support Staff (Must join discord server) > 🎥 - 99.9% uptime, with weekly updates (every few days going into summer) > 💼 - Automated webhook tools, as well as channel linking via webhooks

Bot stats (Approximate, at time of this ad being posted) > 💿 - 7+ Servers (Just released) > 🧱 - 250+ Users > 🧸 - Near perfect uptime

Invite RaidBlock today! > Invite: > Support Discord: