Imagine Music

A music bot that can play your favorite music without delay and any glitched sounds!

  • Prefix: im_
  • Library: Other
  • Category: Music
About Imagine Music

Are you looking for a discord music bot?

Make sure to invite this imagine music bot!!

🎧 Imagine Music Bot 🎧

A bot that can play a music for you!


➡ It supports youtube, soundcloud, spotify, bandcamp, vimeo and twitch streams!!

➡ Plays Your Favorite Music And More.

➡ BassBoost Filter

➡ Music Queue

➡ it runs over 24/7

➡ Worked and Tested!

And others!!

This is a bot just made on PHONE B)

So what are you waiting for?

Add it to your server right now!! 😄