Virtual shopping for your Discord server. Buy powerups, roles, and more with Marketcord!

  • Prefix: ?
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Economy
About Marketcord

<span style="color: #40489c">Marketcord</span>

Marketcord provides an easy & fun way for server owners to keep thier servers active and server members to enjoy their time in a server. Once registered, users can buy items, sell items, and interact with the bots main commands.

<span style="color: #15285C">Earning More Money</span>

Registered users have the oppurtunity to earn Marketcoins. Marketcoin is the digital currency that Marketcord uses. These coins can be redeemed for items such as:

- Roles
- Powerups
- Custom Items (e.g. items that the server admins setup)

Now you might be wondering how you make this money. Marketcoins are made through chatting in a servers channels. Once registered, you get a free 100 coins to start you off. You can buy a few items with the 100 coins provided, but you will need to chat to earn more.

<span style="color: #1C3373">Alternate Money Earning Methods</span>

Aside from chatting in a server, you can earn money via our official server or buying coins.

Coins are available for purchase on our payment site ( All plans are listed on the site.

We will host giveaways in our official Discord server, so be sure to join our server to earn free coins and items!

<span style="color: #15285C">How To Start</span>

Registering with Marketcord couldent be easier! Simply run ?register in a Discord server containing the Marketcord bot. You will then recieve a message letting your know that you have successfully registered. Look at your account information by running the ?account command.

<span style="color: #15285C">Basic Commands</span>

Command Description
?help Provides you with a list of the bot's commands
?register Create a Marketcord account
?aboutitem Get information about an item in the shop
?shop View the Marketcord shop
?use Use an item in the shop
?inventory View your inventory
?account View your Marketcord account information

<span style="color: #15285C">Support & Links</span>

Support - Invite - Website - Stats -

Terms - Privacy -

<span style="color: #1C3373">Troubbleshooting</span>

If you are having issues with the bot, try pinging it (@Marketcord) in a channel. It should respond with the prefix for the server. If it does not respond, check that it has the Send Messages, Embed Links, and Attach Files permissions. If you do not have access to change these permissions, contact an admin in the current server about the issue. Be sure to tell them to check that the bot has the permissions above!