Hyper Music

It is a 24/7 Music Bot which gives Rich Quality Music with slash commands and buttons.

  • Prefix: h!
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Music
About Hyper Music

Let's Start..

Hyper Music is a 24/7 Music Bot which gives Rich Quality Music.

âž¡ Prefix is : "h!"

✎ Music Commands

• All the music related commands are present here.

-join : Will help the bot to join the VC only.

-leave : Will help the bot to leave the VC.

-skip : Will skip the current track song.

-skipto : Will skip to a song in the queue.

-pause : Will pause the current track.

-resume : Will resume the current track, if it is paused.

-shuffle : Will shuffle the server queue.

-autoplay : Will play songs by bot itself.

-loopsong : Will repeat the current song.

-loopqueue : Will repeat the whole queue.

-clear : Will clears the whole server queue.

-grab : To saves the current song to your DM.

-queue : To check which songs are present in queue.

-seek : Will seek to a position in the song.

-remove : Will remove a song from the queue.

-volume : Will help you to change the current volume.

-nowplaying : To check information about current song.

-stop : Will stop the current song.

✎ Filters Command

• Bot's Filters related command present in this category.

-custombassboost : Will add bassboost filter in tracks.

-addfilter : Will help you to add some filters in track.

-customspeed : Will help you to slow down or to fast the song.

-filters : Will show you list of filters present in the bot.

-removefilter : Will help you to remove any filter from a specific song.

-setfilter : Will help you to override all filters present in song and will add the new filters selected by you.

✎ Config Command

• Server related command are present in this category. Can mainly used by the members who have manage server permission.

-prefix : Helps you to change the prefix of the Server.

-defaultfilter : Helps you to setup specific filters, this filters which will be setup by server owner will override in each song.

-defaultvolume : Helps you to setup specific volume between 0-150, this volume which will be setup by server owner will override in each song.

-defaultautoplay : Will help to set permanent autoplay or disable permanent autoplay.

-dj : Helps you to setup an access role for the bot in your server.

✎ Utility Command

• There presents a few commands in this category.

-help : To get more and detailed information about all commands.

-invite : This will give you invite link of this bot.

-ping : Gives you about the bot's latency.

-info : Gives you the bot's info.

-vote : Gives you top.gg voting link.

-support : Gives you bot support server link.

-commandcount : Shows how many commands are present in this bot.