Go! By Health Hero

Super fun, easy-to-use step & activity challenges. Dynamic leaderboards for your Discord Community.

  • Prefix: go!
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Social
About Go! By Health Hero

Go! is a fun well-being game. Connect with your favorite health or device app to track your steps and become part of the social leaderboard. Top competitors have the chance to win weekly global competitions.

How to play?

  • Add our Go! app to your Discord server
  • Type “start” to start setting up your account
  • Connect your Google Fit or Apple Health/Watch
  • Sync your steps every day!

All features work directly via DM with the bot. The leaderboard feature may also be available on public channels for social interaction with your team, organization, or community.

Also, earn the ability to create your own fun anime trading card and make it social. Customize your card with your information, picture, and your favorite music. This is a fun fitness game for your Discord community and a real-world gaming experience.

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