Focused on making the best leveling experience.

  • Prefix: k!
  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Leveling
About KyuBot


KyuBot is focused on creating a unique leveling experience, rewards users for message and voice interactions within a server.

x Message exp x Voice exp x Exp Multiplier x Role Rewards x Mee6 Import x Join roles x And much more...

📈 Leveling

Kyu includes a simple to use messaging and voice exp system, that allows members to earn rewards as they level up. Kyu provides full configuration from level-up notification system, exp options, Mee6 import, and much more. All packed into easy to use commands and a dashboard soon...

🗒️ Importer

Import current server levels from other bots such as Mee6 and AmariBot. Imports for other bots will be supported in later updates.