Foxy is an advance discord security bot which has 30+ security modules

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  • Library: discord.js
  • Category: Moderation
About FOXY


Foxy is an advance discord security bot which has 30+ security server protection modules which ensures the server security and takes right action on the unauthorised user or action, Foxy has 5 whitelist system that allow the server owner to grant proper permission to the user ! Thats not the end it has much more special like Secure Mode is a module which can stop the whitelist user to take any action on the server while the secure mode is enabled on server ! To grant access for server Changes you can provide the user "Secure Pass" to do there work on secure mode

A security discord bot that protect discord servers with 35+ security modules/features with 5 whitelisting system and some cool modes , Lets have a look on it

A to Z Server Security

Fast and 24/7 online

Secure mode

Webhook Protection

and much more , Invite now

Secure mode : A smart ai mode , when its enable it will allow only secure pass holder to take action others like whitelist user or server members , bots are not able to take any action . If its disabled it will allow to take action to the whitelist user

Whitelisting : We provide custom whitelist to our users , Which means less trust high safety

Webhook Protection : Protect your server from unknown webhook message , Spam , Pings etc .

Security : Foxy comes with 35 preloaded security function/modules/features that insures your server security . Foxy can take action in 0.5sec thats amazing !

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